Undergraduate Music Business and
Music Technology Students

3-12 Credit • One Semester Internship

Overview: You stay on your campus and work the web social nets and your local community unless yu are in the Metro NYC Area. We will have weekly video teleconferences with the team, and individual conferences with the award winning Prof. Musial. You will meet the Artist you wish to promote via a video chat. If you book any gigs in your community, you receive the standard 10% agent fee. If you sell any CD's/DVD's/Drop Cards of Digital Downloads, you receive a standard "store commission". You will need to keep a daily log and most likely write a summary paper for your adviser. One World Artist, LLC will provide a progress report letter to your university at the end of the semester. The goal is to further promote the artist. You receive invaluable industry experience, maybe some compensation, and incredible resume experience. Send an email toDavid@ProfessorMusial.com immediately if you are interested.

Qualifications: You must at least 18, be registered in a credit bearing college or industry post-secondary institute. A letter of recommendation and conversation with your academic advisor is also required.

Position: Entertainment Industry Promotion Business Internship
Goal: Help promote a musical artist, inspire music sales via downloads, shows, etc
Outcome:Actual real-world RESUME experience.
Term: One Semester, renewable
Credits: 3
Time Expectation: 10-12 hours/week
Compensation: None, direct BUT potential "agent" fees for contents sales or performances
Company Sponsor: Prof. David Musial
Location for your work: Where you live. There will be video conferences.
Location of Company: Newport/Jersey City (by the Holland Tunnel) across from Manhattan
Contact Info:
Office (201) 659-8300
-Musial Cel: (917) 626-5956
Main Site: OneWorldArtists.com
Animation Site: NextGenStars.com

One World Artists, LLC, is now looking for connected and innovative music business and music technology undergrad's for our new social media & street team internship.  The goal of this team will be to promote One World's musical Artists by using cutting-edge social media techniques, which require the experience of those who grew up surrounded by this technology.  

This new team will be directed by One World's award winning President and CEO, Professor David Musial.  As a 20-plus-year veteran collegiate lecturer, advisor, and administrator, Professor Musial has collected all of his experience to design a unique internship. It is geared toward preparing sophomores and juniors for upper-echelon positions in the all too often impenetrable musical entertainment industry.

The approach we've taken is to bring together a group of highly motivated and creative students in order to pool their collective talents in pursuit of a common goal.  Our internship will NOT require you to mop bathrooms or run out for Starbucks (like is usually asked of undergraduate interns at recording studios and radio stations.)  Instead, you'll be asked as a team, to perform the same duties you will all be required to do once you're working in this business.  By working together on these tasks, each member will be able to master concepts and techniques at a comfortable pace.  

Individually, you may visit local music clubs (21+) and inform the DJ's of this new music. Maybe visit cooking centers, children's centers, roller rinks or fishing stores/clubs, and inspire sales of the downloads or CD/s depending on the artist YOU choose to represent. It might even lead to booking a short concert tour in your area, and you get paid a standard 10% agent fee? Over the course of the semester, you will all have amassed a wealth of industry experience, which will put you far ahead of the curve when it comes time to interview for a job after you complete your degree. If you're interested in this immersive semester-long experience which is practically guaranteed to earn you invaluable hands-on, out-of-the-classroom experience contact us immediately.



Some of the Artists may be seen at the "Recording Artists" link on the site. Currently Prof. Musial is producing a web TV series called "NextGen Stars®".  Most of the artists will have segments or features in this show.

Some of the featured artists are:

BRADY® Pop/Dance/Club (but also plays Drums/Guitar/Keys & Acts!)

King Fish Man (Timmy Cudmore)- Country Rock/Blues, comedy songs about fishing

The Wacky Chef (Jim Rebholz)- Ballads and a crazy cooking show that's about joking!

Carol Lester a.k.a. The BUBBLE QUEEN™ Children's Music
Carol Lester.com

The Rosados

Roger Ansanelli- Sound Healer

MaMooch-(Mary Ann Bracero) Latin Dance music

Skate Dance- Pop/Dance songs about Roller Skating/Blading, Ice Skating

Smart Trax- Educational Music & Videos with massive national endorsements

Honestly Abe- A cast album about a current Off-Broadway Musical about the young life of President Abraham Lincoln. (Brady is in the cast, and sometimes plays "Abe".)

For more information, visit