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Drops in the streams World-Wide on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Pandora & more on December 15. 2017!

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20 Song Double Album (#5 & 6 for Timmy!)
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New EP with
"A Haunted Fishing Hole", "Turkey Stuffed Trout", "Ole Fishmas Tree",
"My Valentine Mud Gut Trout", "Green Eyed Trout (Saint Patrick's Day)...

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12 Hilarious Songs about fishing including "Fishing With My Nuts!". "Twist & Trout" and "New Fishing Hole" and MORE!

First single arrives on iTunes, CD Baby and more, from the King Fish Man "Album 2" due Summer 2014

Do you love to fish? Do you love to laugh? Welcome to the crazy world of the KING FISH MAN. Cross the "3 Stooges" with Classic Country Rock and Blues and welcome to the zany world of musical comedian Timmy Cudmore. Celebrate fishing with Music!
Genre: Country: Country Blues

Album Notes

This project was inspired by a joke Timmy Cudmore pulled on his son Ryan, on April 1st, 2013, the opening day of fishing season in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Timmy was constantly teased by Ryan who likes to try to catch more "Trout" than dad. So dad crafted a demo of the song "The King Fish Man", recorded it in his home, emailed it to his other son in NYC, who intern played it for David Musial. David immediately was encouraged to produce an entire album (and more) of these silly, but crafty tunes. Thanks to Apple MAC products, Garage Band and ProTools, & wonderful internet file transfer consulting by Noriel Valdes, this album was recorded in 2013. The guitars, bass, drum loop edits and lead vocals were were recorded at SkyRoom North in Prince Edward Island, Sax tracks were created at Arminio Studios in North New Jersey, all keys and back up vocals, mixing and mastering and music video editing were done at SkyRoom Studios in Metro NYC. JB Cudmore shot source video footage for the "O'le Fishmas Tree" music video and took most of the photos. Musial shot additional footage. Rob Pineau shot the source footage for the "No Luck" music video with Richard Gass, Tyler Darin MacLean & Matthew Murphy assisting as actors.

Special thanks to Faye Cudmore for her infinite patience, Sally Cole for her Journalism support, Rodney Perry for the great bass guitar, Carol Lester ( for amazing vocals and Joey Arminio ( for awesome Sax, in addition to Full Basket Food, Wellington Co-Op, Clow's Red and White and to all of the great stores who help promote my music. We also thank Robert Wohler, Mickey McGee, Evelyn Bonilla, Paul Appel, Eliot Loshak and all on the One World team!

Photo Credits: Front Cover, all snow shots JB Cudmore, Back Cover and creek shots-Rob Pineau, Joey Arminio; 2Big2Fall Carol Lester-Musial. Production Assistant for the "No Luck" music video and CD Cover Photos: Sandra Pineau.
©2013 OneWam Music Publishing, BMI
(p) 2013 One World Artists, LLC
Mastered by David Musial in 2014 at

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