David Musial is an Award-Winning musical artist developer, who has over 30 years of experience taking raw talent from basic “desire”, to major label showcases and all kinds of stages.
He is the founder and President of incredible One World Artists, LLC.


David works individually with you to "craft" a style, and then when you are "ready”, he selects a team of outstanding support talent, to help make it flourish. He does not teach you music, it is assumed that you are ready for major stages, but do not have thew right “promo” or “PR Kit’ ready yet. This is what he does, and he does it extremely well. The industry calls this a "One-Stop-Shop" or "Turn-Key" production. (You buy the car and turn the key and drive. Presto!) One World Artists has been involved with countless shows with soloists, small groups and large, up to symphony orchestras.  They range from small clubs, schools, roller rinks, Off-Broadway stages, Carnegie Hall, Air Craft Carriers, Sports Arenas, Disney and even the Pentagon!

Musial has worked on hundreds of songs as a composer/producer, has over 100 album releases to his credit (3 Platinum/7 Gold) he has worked on well over 100 TV shows and films and has earned an Emmy Award for MTV, he has shot thousands of portraits/head shots and produced over 100 music videos and documentaries. He is a wiz at “Photoshop” and completes it all with Social Net and Website Design,where he uses his press release expertise to the max!


David has experience beyond extreme, but most importantly,
he is extremely creative, gentle and compassionate.
Read the opening about the new book about his musical life here.



1) Professional 3-5 song RADIO READY “demo”
2) Professional Head Shots (minimum of 3 but 10 are better)
3) Promo Video (One 5-10 Minute sample of YOU LIVE) (One Artistic Music Video)
4) Press Release with up-to-date bio
5) Website connected to social nets (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc)


The simplest way to make the song demo is to buy 3 "music minus 1" or "Karaoke" tracks and sing them in a pro mic/sound booth. You can post these on the site and use as a "demo" but you CAN NOT SELL THEM, If you want to look pro, then you need to have something for sale on iTunes, so it's better to record 3-5 cover songs with at least a piano accompaniment track. You can sell these. Musial will help you get it uploaded to iTunes and more, (which is also Amazon, CD Baby, etc. and pays artist royalties when it sells!) You may wish to do more so visit “rates” to learn more.


MUSIAL only works with the best technology (he has won awards for this too.)
The SkyRoom Facility is extremely unique, perched high above the
New York City Harbor,
in a unique glorious Penthouse Suite,
close to the stars where STARS create and record.

HD Audio with State-Of-The-Art Musical Sounds
Ultra HD 4K VIDEO (Motion Picture Quality)


and... the VIEW to inspire your groth in Musical Success
Are you ready?