Biography for David Musial

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Professor David Musial is an award-winning,
entrepreneurial multimedia producer and educator.

David Musial is a Buffalo New York Native who has over 30 dynamic and exciting years of a wide variety of award winning experience in the multimedia industry: from composition and performance, to engineering and mastering, photography, graphics, web design and video directing with a focus on musical artist management. Musial has won awards as a prestigious professor in the industry. Musial is the founder of “One World Artists, LLC” a musical artist development company based in “SkyRoom Studios”, a state-of-the-art audio and video recording facility in the NYC area. “One World” is also the parent company for Smart Trax® Media, LLC, Skate Dance™ Records, NextGen Stars™, as well as OneWam Music Publishing.

Since 1979 Musial has worked in a variety of capacities on over 100 records, (Gold & Platinum-Billboard Charts), 11 different animated series/video games, and with a variety of radio shows, TV shows, commercials and films including industrials for NASA, concerts and music videos for a variety of United States agencies. He has produced shows in Disney, The "Hall of Heroes" in the Pentagon and even on an Aircraft Carrier. David has received many endorsements and has been featured in a multitude of press articles and national magazines including the New York Times, Keyboard, Recording and Business Week.

David's work has been endorsed by the New York State Parent Teachers Association (PTA), United Way, The United States Department of Education, The United States Department of Justice, A Partnership for a Drug Free America,, D.A.R.E. International, national SCHOLASTIC, The Bob Moog Foundation, The United States Marshals, The United States Young Marines, The 9/11 Memorial, Camp Haze for 9/11 Children, The Dr. Martin Luther King Foundation, The United States Drug Enforcement Agency, The White House and The United Nations. The "Take A Stand" project he worked on earned an Emmy Award for MTV. David received a MUSIC award from the United States Department Of Justice. David earned the prestigious "Alumni Of The Year" award at Erie Community College in 1995, and then he represented the college in an extensive media campaign including radio and print commercials for the 50th anniversary.

David was honored with the "Best Professor" award in 1994-97 by the student government in the Music Technology program at NYU. In 2004 Professor Musial was the founder and designed the Music Technology Bachelors Program at Stevens Institute of Technology. The college curriculum he designed, won second place in America in 2012 by "Best Colleges" as "The Most Innovative College Music Programs Changing the Industry". Dan Smith was advised by Musial and he got a song he produced (as he said when he met Musial) to be #1on a Billboard Chart! Musial was entered into the prestigious books "The National Dean's List".

David was born to the wonderful Art and Terry Musial, in the East Side of Buffalo on Thomas Street. He attended “Precious Blood” Catholic primary school and church. At age 7, He studied home organ at the "Keppler's Music Center” in West Seneca, and eventually Pipe Organ music with Jane Liskiewicz-Pfeiffer. Jane “tricked” David into playing one hymn on the pipe organ, for an evening service when he was just 10 years old. The next day he was told by his forward thinking, and wonderful progressive principal, Felician sister Emily Marie, that he would now be playing all of the children’s masses every morning, and get paid! A few months later he was asked to play for hire at ALL of the services in the church, including the high mass with a large Polish singing choir! This was the best thing for him. Musial played the organ on Channel 7 ABC TV shows and on WUTV Channel 29 TV shows. He eventually joined a cool rock band named “Estacy” in West Seneca, and went on to study organ with the most in-demand instructor in the city, Mr. Carlos Annabelli.

David built his first recording studio in his bedroom as a freshman at Erie Community College in 1979. He purchased much of his gear, especially synths from David Kane at Unistage! In 1980 David was introduced to the beautiful folk singer/songwriter Michelle Marchioli from Buffalo. He produced her first album, (David's second) in this quaint, 4-track Moog based keyboard studio, with equipment he purchased from Vince Morrette of "Mark Records" in Clarence, NY. (Spyro Gyra's first album.) he also used his Dad's Lowrey organ on the project.

David played the organ at Saint John Vianney Church, Saint Peter and Paul, Queen of Heaven, Saint Bernards. Musial attended Orchard Park HS, and played the organ for his graduation at Kleinhans. Musial went on to study Electrical Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Music and Communications Equipment Technology, with an emphasis on Video Production; at Erie Community College North, South and SUNY@Buffalo. This is where he overdubbed and mixed recorded his first album, in the electronic music studio in 1979, which was his main inspiration to assist the Bob Moog Foundation. He recorded the vocals in his "make-shift" studio in his basement, with the Saint John Vianney Folk Group. A video project he co-produced for a course, won first place at a SUNY contest in Binghamton in 1982. He interned at “Select Sound” Studios in Kenmore. Musial also produced a multitude of daily radio programs for the “Comfort My People” radio and TV ministries at this time. David and his dad and some friends, helped him to build his second recording studio. It was in the basement of his home in the West Seneca/Orchard Park area.

David also was the sound designer for a “Royal Dance Theatre” production of “Snow Queen” at Shea’s Buffalo. About the same time Musial produced the radio jingle "Let Metro Move You" for the first METRO Subway campaign in Buffalo, with Dan Neaverth as the voice over. Buffalo native, Jim Rebholz, who is working on a new album with Musial now, composed it. Around this time David worked with the amazing duo "Wally & Irene Odden". He produced a recording of a song featuring Irene. David also produced the album "Florida Skies" by Bill Lewis. Bill shared that he wrote "The Wedding Song", "I'd Really Like To See You Tonight", "Our Way-the Laverne and Shirley TV Show Theme song", "Cherish" and many more wonderful pp songs from the early '70's! Musial produced "I Want It Again" by Lewis, and then "Give A Look World". This was used as the theme song for "To Rome With Love", a TV Show produced by WKBW TV-Ch 7 in Buffalo.

Musial transferred to SUNY@Fredonia and entered the elite Sound Recording “Tonemeister” Program, under the direction of Prof. David Moulton. David recorded his third record in the Mason Hall studio "A". He interned at the production center for the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills, where he was the audio director for weekly TV shows.

Musial met Buffalo native Wayne Sharpe in 1982 in Fredonia, when he David was a guest presenter in an Electronic Music class. Musial suggested that Wayne change his major to Sound Recording Technology. He also assisted him with audio work in Buffalo. Later he encouraged Wayne to move to NYC where he introduced him to Sam Ash music in Manhattan. Musial and Sharpe worked on several musical ventures together over the years: TV Commercials for "Cover Girl" & "Revlon", the KODAK Omnimax film "Welcome To The Max", the film "Southie" starring "Donnie Walhberg" from "New Kids On The Block", Forever Chozen and more.

In 1984 Musial was hired to design the physical, acoustic and electrical layout of the Daybreak TV & Radio Production Center for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. While and after it was constructed, he was the technical director. He scored the music for many of the productions at the time and eventually evolved into a producer. Musial recorded voice-overs there with Mary Travers & Linda Pelagrino from WKBW Radio before they were with CH 7 TV. He also world with Darryl & Dan Neaverth, Jr. there as well as Dan Meyers (Ch 4 & 2), all Buffalo TV industry associates. One of his final projects was to co-produce a documentary about Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck. It was an event with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, a large choir and his quartet. Elements aired on national TV.

In 1986 Musial was presented the unique honor to privately study music with Grand Island native, NYC Arranger/Conductor "Bob Armstrong". (Jack Parr -"Tonight Show", Liza Manelli, Barbera Streisand, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Living Voices, President Nixon, etc.) Musial produced 3 songs composed by Bob with Buffalo Native, Darlene Edwards, an amazing gospel soprano. David did this in his home studio, across the street from Trackmaster in 1987. Armstrong introduced David to NYC producer Ethel Gabriel (Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Neil Sedaka, Perry Como.)

Concurrently Musial scored the music for a PBS TV WNED) educational series titled "Food Sense". David also performed at Kleinhans with the Buffalo Philharmonic in this period, and was featured on the national "Real to Reel" TV show. Daybreak produced "Never Too Late", a made-for-TV movie and Musial was hired to compose the music. He also produced the music and video for the open to the 1987 "Gabriel Awards" here. David did many independent producing sessions at Starfields Productions with Al Dusel and Trackmaster studios with Mike Sak, Alan Baumgardner, and Kim Ferullo. The song "Friends Like You" featuring Canadian Martin Barrett from Toronto, Musial produced there over several sessions. It was distributed on a Canadian Record label. Members of the "Goo Goo Dolls" were interning there at the time. David's friend John Stork was one of the main acoustic designers and was invited back to enhance "Inner Machine". Musial later hired Storyk to teach musical acoustics at Stevens (he is seen here with Musial's students Ken Bachor and Joel Condon.) David worked with "Melanie" there, on Kodak commercials, produced the "break dancer/rapper" "MC Harve", and more.

Musial orchestrated a song "High Flight" for Buffalo native "Mortimer Sullivan", and the Air Force Band performed it in Washington at his retirement. The "BUFFALO" magazine ran a feature article about David. All of these musical activities in Buffalo lead to a private sponsorship toward potential Doctoral studies. David studied at the Juilliard School of Music, and NYU including a full teaching fellowship, his focus was Electronic Music Technology.

After David's relocation to NYC where he built his fourth studio (in the theatre district), he returned to Buffalo on a regular basis to continue to produce musical events. David was asked to produce a concert for the "Underground Railroad Reflection" starring Darlene Edwards from Buffalo. She needed one more song and Musial suggested the song "Spread Peace" which he recently produced in NYC with a large studio choir. The United Nations just used it at the 50th Anniversary celebration. The lead writer and singer, Linda Pepper from England came to join Darlene, and Musial arranged for a variety of local vocalists he has performed with to join while he conducted.

In 1990 David formed a musical artists development company titled "One World Artists, LLC", which owns Smart Trax Media & Skate Dance Records. The Orchard Park Roller Rink, where Musial often attended while in early high school, inspired the latter. So "One World Productions" started to produce more shows in Buffalo. Musial has produced concerts at the roller rinks in WNY many times. He has produced a multitude of shows with MJ Medina and BRADY Cudmore. He arranged interviews on AM Buffalo (MJ, Brady & Erik Norlander/Bob Moog Foundation) , Good Morning Western New York, KISS 98.5, Star 102.5, the Buffalo News, the Gusto and the Bee Publications and more. Many & Joy Medina performed for 16,000 middle school students at the HSBC arena. They performed for about 30,000 students in one week, all over WNY! Brady has performed for thousands of students in Buffalo produced by Musial. Brady also performed music produced by Musial at iTeen Buffalo sponsored events at Club Infinity by Eastern Hills and at the DUNN Tire Raceway Teen Summer Kick-Off hosted by KISS 98.5 FM. for an '80's Bash (Carlos Alomar-David Bowie guitarist, played guitars on the new studio version of "Let's Dance" produced by Musial for this event!)

In 2008 Musial worked with Rob Harari, (Spyro Grya from Buffalo, Barbera Streisand, ELO, Spike Lee) Carlos Alomar, (David Bowie, John Lennon, Debbie Gibson), Steve Clark, Kevin Bertotti, Frank Serafine, (Star Trek, Marvel Avengers-Iron Man/Captain America, Tron, Addams Family, Baywatch) Dion Parsons (Blue Note, Columbia, Sony Records) and many other amazing producers, composers & musicians including the multi-platinum Bill Lewis ferom Buffalo, to assist a new Canadian artist named "Brady®" Cudmore. Bill composed "I Want It Again" and "We're Making It", which Musial produced on Brady Cudmore's first album, "The Early Years". The new Motown/Universal recording artist "N'Kenge" sings an outstanding duet with Brady on "I Want It Again".

More recently, in 2011-12 Musial was the Executive Producer for the 100% charity "Project Eleven" including a concert he produced on the deck of the U.S.S. WAP Aircraft Carrier, NYC on national SIRIUS radio. He inspired the musical youth of America to create 11 songs to say "Thank You" to Soldiers. In the spring of 2012, Musial became the Executive Producer of the original cast album recording for "Honestly Abe", about the young college-age life of President Lincoln.

Currently One World Artists Management is continuing to assist the dynamic star, BRADY Cudmore. (Musial's company filed for a U.S. Trademark and by August 15, 2014 the name "BRADY" will be used sole as "BRADY®".) He has 4 albums produced by Musial and is one of the stars in "Honestly Abe". Brady performed in Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops Orchestra on April 12, 2012. Musial just produced the first album for his father Timmy Cudmore. It's a silly comedy project called King Fish Man. In 2013/14 David produced a fun project titled "ABC Sing With Me-Volume 2: Lullabies" for Carol Lester. Most recently Musial returned to his "cartoon/animation" passion and he produced the character voice recordings for the world's first interactive 4K-3D Video Game titled the "Mad Screen Box". David voiced three of the characters: "LudBig", "Doctor Sorry" and "Professor WasDis!"

After a professor hiatus, Musial has returned to teach courses in Music Video Production at The York Street Project, near Jersey City Hall. He plays a beautiful piano and an incredible pipe organ at Saint Anthony's when he is able. His motto for music: "If it's not fun, don't do it". Bob Moog's inventions taught Musial to "Think Out Of The Box", thanks Bob!