David has always been intrigues with ENGINES, epecially in Dirt Bikes. He was facinated with miniblkes as aboy and his dream came true at 13 when his family moved from the inner city of Buffalo, NY to the rural area (at the time) of Orchard Park (where the Buffalo Bills Stadium is located.) His dad bought him a small 4HP "Rupp" minibike. That was amazing! David hit the "bean fields" and chased airplanes next to the runways, as the took off from the tiny airport across the street from his home! David then used money he earned by playing the organ in churches, to buy  a "RUPP" 100CC real motorcycle. The ventures now really begin. In 1975 David's dad surprized him with a Suzuki TS250 Enduro Dirt Bike! OMG the Ventures Exploded! When he was 21 he bought the Blue Yamaha dirt bike. When he landed from the extreme jump shown above, he overshot the landing platform due to the speed, and the front tire hit a "rut". He was determined to turn one way, the rut forced another way and David broke his left wrist fighing mother nature! So, he quit dirt biking after riding over 10,000 miles in the dirt. At age 30 David took up street pedal biking between Newport-Jersey City, and his Pipe Organ job in Hoboken. He was hit head on one day by a careless driver. David broke the windshiled with his back!!! He's fine now, but he's really carefull about putting something "exciting" between his legs! (This was a popular Dirt BikemT-Shirt Saying in the 70's!) It's amazing that David was never seriously injured, he jumped huge cliffs in gravel pits, waded though deep streams, did "rooster tails" and "doughnuts" with the back wheel in the mud, he even wrode it in the snow. Adventuresome to the MAX!