Awards & Accolades earned by Professor David Musial
Endorsements and Recommendations

The New York State Parent Teacher's Association (PTA) and SCHOLASTIC endorse Musial's "Smart Trax" venture.
Young Marines Educationl Music Awards
The Unites States Young Marines presented Prof. Musial a Gold and a Silver Medal for Positive Message Music Production.
Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award 2014-VIDEO

See a Video for this Song

#2 Program in the America at Best Colleges in 2012

Prof. David Musial
Founder, designed the curriculum, hired all faculties, travelled the nation recruiting and was a teacher.
Director of the Music & Technology Program
Stevens Institute of Technology 1993-2012

The United Nations used the song produced by David Musial, '"Spread Peace All Over The World" at a 50th Anniversary Event in 1995

BUFFALO NEWS Announcent • Feature Article • August 13, 2014

1995 Alumni-Of-The-Year Award
and then Musial was selected to represent the 50th Anniversary of the College!

Billboards, Radio Commercials, News Print Ads for one whole year all over Western New York State
David studied Electrical Technology at ECC North 1978/79 & 1980/81 and then Communications Equipment Technology (TV) 1981/1982


for producing the vocals for a NABISCO/Oreo Cookie National TV Commercial 1990

Instructor Of The Year Award
Presented by the Undergraduate Student Government

1992 Computer Music Concert
1992 Presentation

1993 Presentation
1994, 1995 & 1996 received the awards

Full Teaching Fellowship from New York University 1990-1992

Full Sponsorship to The Juilliard School Of Music 1987-1990

The anthem "We, Are, Drug, Free!" by Musial, won first place for A Drug Free New Jersey,
and then was performed at the National Convention in New York City.
It was performed by Manny and Joy "MJ" Medina, who Musial taught to co-write the song with him. Musial directed the Music Video as well.

DARE America endorsed Prof. Musial in the late 1990's, and he has produced a multitude of "Smart Trax Live" shows in New Jersey and then
Prof. Musial was honored to be invited to produce 3 shows at the DARE International Convention in DISNEY in 2009.

Parishioner-Of-The-Year (also Music Director & Organist) 1995
Saints Peter & Paul, Hoboken


ACADEMIC GRANTS inspired and secured by Professor David Musial


as Director of the Music & Technology Program 2004-2010
2 for Stevens Multimedia, LLC (Castle Point® Records)
2 for student summer reseach for the Bob Moog Foundation
1 for summer research in Music & Art Technology at the Liberty Science Center