"David Musial is a person of great promise and unusual giftedness. It is unusual to find such a combination. He has remarkable skills in the are of music, and in a most creative way. David is one of the most gifted persons I have ever met."

Fr. Art Smith
President: Catholic Telecommunications Network of America
Commentator for the Pope


"I want to express to you my congratulations and best wishes..I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ministry and service to the Diocese of Buffalo. Through your efforts you have been able to bring the Gospel of Jesus and the Teachings of His Church to the people… of the United States.God has blessed you with great and wonderful talents."

Most Rev. Edward. D. Head, D.D
Bishop of Buffalo, NY

"David is a blessing to our Polish Musci Ministry. His contribution as an organist & pianist for the Polish 8 AM mass at Our Lady Of Czestochowa church in dowtown Jersey City, is always great. He can a kean ability to follow the celbrant (who often changes things instantly), and David adds a beautiful feeling the the ceremony. It's great what he has done for or kids, including producing and performing in the successfull fund raising concert to purchase a new digital piano for a 12 year old girl last month"

Les Sowul
Chairman of the Polish Community
April 2017


"David has a wonderful talent and style"

Rev. Alexander M. Santora
Our Lady Of Grace, Hoboken, NJ


"This was an amazing Christmas concert" (David conducted the Childrens Choir in 2016)

Rev Helber Victoria
Saint Mary's Church
Jersey City, NJ


"David Musial is a wonderful Music Direcrtor, Musician and Composer. I'd loke to express my personal appreciation for his Ministry ion Music. I truly felt that it was not for "entertainent" purposes, but with a desire to lift up the Lord, and point peopel in the seaerch for God's Faith.

Very Rev. Cannon Joseph Urban
Saint Anthoby of Padua Church
Jersey City, NJ


"His ability to conduct the adult and children's choir is ourstanding, plus his use of those sound things, those synthesizers, makes it sound like a symphony orchestra or a Broadway show up in the loft. It is so inspirational."

Very Rev, Charles Hare, Ret.
Sts. Peter & Paul

"We enjoy your music at mass. Your selections of music is always appropriate and it is played so beautifully that it enhances our prayers.. It makes our experience much richer. God has blessed us through your gift".

Lawrence and Sarita Kelty
Hoboken, NJ


"David is a personable and warm man, who elicits the gifts of others and puts them to good use. He is open to listening and working with the comments and suggestions of those with whom he works. His gifts in developing the choir and presenting an array of liturgical music are a credit to the congregation. His musical talent is exceptional."

Brother Benjamin Evans, MGC
Mercy of God Community


"From the beginning, David's vision and enthusiasm motivated each one of us to participate fully and grow in our ministry. In addition to David's skills as a teacher and a leader, he is an incredibly creative and gifted musician. His use of sophisticated technology to enhance the music program while never losing the personal, real-life quality of the music is quite impressive. David's confidence and optimism are contagious so we follow his lead and are frequently amazed at the results."

Phyllis Spinelli
Choir Member


"The Musical Soloists at Saints Peter & Paul are exquisite. Are you recurring any? I am slowly gearing up to find time to prepare the script and musical selections for a future film project and am finding increased inspiration for same born of some of your selections and their renditions/interpretations at the noon masses."

Tony Zaza
Hoboken, NJ

'Thanks for sharing your special talents with God's people. You are a Gem! It was a great provilege working with youand Jennifer (cantor). Thankls Bog Zaplac! PS. The(Felician) sisters in Buffalo (who taught and launched your caree at age 10 in 1970) especially Cajitan/Emily Marie, would beam with pride - You are Fabulous- God Bless your fingers - and memory for Music!

Sister Maria Magdalina CSSF
Sts. Peter & Paul RC Church
Hoboken, NJ


"In his three years here, David has been most faithful and conscientious to his responsibilities, while enhancing our Liturgies with superior and meaningful music."
Rev. C.J. Westfield
Queen Of Heaven RC Church
West Seneca, NY


" One of the main reasons I remained in the choir was David's knowledge and appreciation of the music.. He is inspiring in his devotion to the Church and he has personally contributed a tremendous amount to the very positive and enthusiastic culture in our parish."

Many Ann Flynn
Senior Executive Assistant to the President, ANGEL/MIC Records, NYC

"I would hear the voice of an angel, when David majestically played the organ and sang up in the choir loft. The congregation loved his stule, very gentle and spirit-filled."

Rev Msgr Francis Juchnowski 
St. Bernards Church
Buffalo, NY


"You should apply for the job to design and build the new Radio & TV Center for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo"

Rev "CJ" Westfield
Queen Of Heaven Church
West Seneca, NY

"David's ability to paly the organ at age 13 for ALL of the masses in my parish, was simply unheard of! He's production of our folk group's first album in 1979 (which I funded as a gift), was simply incredible. David has unusual humble giftedness and will go far in the world of music."


"Unbelieveble! I have heard this man play music and siing in church since he was just 13 years old. Now at 27, I have introduced him to the extraordinary New York Cith conductor Bob Armstrong, and I give yopu my blessings off to the most presitigious Juilliard School Of Music"!

Ret. Very Rev Clatus Snyder
Many churches in Bufflo, NY (apx 85)

Very Rev. Edmund Dietzel
St. John Vianney Church
Orchar Park, NY

"David's style is unique, almost liek the score for a movie at mass, especially durring our inspirational week-long 'Missions'. Daviod is a liturgical music visionary"

Fr. John Aurillio
Author for Liturgical Children's Books
Westr Seneca Developmental Center
West Seneca, NY

"It is rare to fund a church musician with a golden ear and an angelic persona. The style of David's music is both traditional, contemporary and inspiratioanl, especially when he uses those electronic syhthesizers in mass."

Fr. Berard "Corky" Mach
St. John Vianney
Orchard Park, NY


"Mr & Mrs Musial, I know this sounds very odd, but when your boy sits at the pipe organ way up there in the nack of the churech, nobody can tell the difference between him and his adult teacher when they play. She is getting married and leaving us and we now need a new full-time organist to play at least 10 masses a week, and accompany our Polish Choir. I would liek to hire your 10-year old son David."

A conversation from Alfred Arthur Musial with the Very Rev Pastor Henry Boroviak
Precious Blood Church
Bufflao NY
140 Lewis Street