David Musial-TV/Video Spaces

Prof. David Musial engineered the Audio Post for the "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence" campaign, funded by the United States Department of Education which earned an Emmy Award and a Silver Cindy Award for MTV. He also composed and produced the theme song. Musial has produced over 40 music videos for "Smart Trax Media". Musial co-produced a documentary about jazz legend "Dave Brubeck", which aired on ABC TV in Buffalo and parts on CBS national. The United States Department of Justice gave him a liftime acheivement award after one of th songs "Impact" was performed in the "Hall of Heroes" in the Pentagon and his 9/11 Anthem "Brave New American Heroes" received a letter from the WHITE HOUSE".


MUSIAL worled on many TV Shows at WKBW-Ch 7 (ABC) in Buffalo for
DAYBREAK TV Productions


David Musial designed a 3-Camera, A-B Roll, Chyron/Grass Valley TV Production Center
in 1984 for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo called "Daybreak TV Productions". David
cecame the Technical Director, a composer and then eventually a Editor/Producer.
It is still in full operation today.


Photo Credits: Top-Brady Cudmore, ABC-Luis Medina, Daybreak-Evelyn Bonilla