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David as a "Motor Head"
Rebuilding & Riding
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The journey of a musician, composer, engineer, audio & video producer, professor, inventor, mentor & entrepreneur... a visionary.
From street gang harrassments in a slaughterhouse surrounded neighborhood, to a penthouse studio high in the sky... all because of MUSIC!

by Debbie Binder

(hugging David's dog "Auggie")

David & I first met at Queen of Heaven Church, West Seneca, NY in 1981 when he was Music Director for our Parish in which I was a Choir member. What a musically brilliant young man and his vision was beyond anything I had ever come across in my life. He was blessed with a talent that needed to be shared with many and he has accomplished this mission.

My most vivid memory of David was a song he played often in Church and as I reflect now on his life, it seems so fitting: Beginning Today. The words continue on about hopes and dreams. At the time, he truly felt inspired by the words because of what they spoke to him. Who knew then that so many great and good things would come into his life’s journey.

While visiting him some years ago, he shared with me the first piece of music that he remembered. Its music of Silent Night came through a small Church music box that was displayed every Christmas when he was a child. His Mother, Terry, must have been a visionary and saw in David’s very young years that he would someday share goodness with others. His “Angelic Butterfly” watches over him in a unique way today as he lives his dream. The music box is still displayed every Christmas in his home.

Often misunderstood because of the vision he has had for the Music Industry, David happened upon trials and tribulations but never relinquished his Faith in God to keep his dream alive. After many years and many accomplishments, he continues pursuing his dream of assisting others to believe in themselves and the talents that they have been gifted. A kindness was granted to him because of his gentleness and great love of music. His promise was to assist young people who had a special gift of musical talent. Listening to him speak of projects being worked on or just listening to him make the Church walls rattle with such spiritual inspiration has been quite an experience that I have been honored to be a part of.

His ability to reach young minds and to aid them in pursuing their dreams in music continues daily. His energy is high, but has a heart full of goodness and that’s all he hopes for in life that each one believes in themselves and that dreams do come true.

This book came about as a suggestion to Dave that all of his works should be documented. From that moment on, he would send me all of his correspondences with those he was involved with be it Reese Butler, Steve Clark, Rebbie Jackson

or whomever would cross his path and be interested in his story about SmartTrax, his work with the D.A.R.E. Program (Nationally), working with the Pentagon, receiving an Emmy for a song he wrote, to being invited yearly to have his song Brave New American Heroes song each year on Sept. 11th in remembrance of those who perished in such tragedy.

I’ve never been asked to write anything more than college papers and business letters in my secretarial career, but am most honored to be collaborating on this endeavor with Evelyn Bonilla. It’s a story that she and I believe in and we both are hoping that you, the reader, will find in David the kindness, motivation and willingness to help others pursue their goals and dreams by listening and helping them be creative the way in which David has listened.

Why Me? How fitting a title for one so humble about the work he does.

David, may all your hopes and dreams come alive in your heart —
Beginning Today.

With my love and support for all that is Good.

Debbie Binder


Book Summary by Evelyn Bonilla


Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves why certain events happen to us in our lives. We ask ourselves questions like; “What is the driving force that leads us to take a certain path in our lives, and what do we do with the experiences we are given along the way?

“Why Me?” is a story that reflects upon these questions and leads us to examine our own life path. It is the true story of an amazing young boy named David Musial, who at the age of seven displayed incredible musical ability. Surrounded by poverty and slaughterhouses, chased and attacked by gangs he overcame a multitude of obstacles. Follow his story through the inner city of Buffalo, NY and read how he overcame adversity, jealousy, and negative events in his life.



“Why Me?” documents the musical journey of this young talented child until it arrives to what he has become today. It is the story of David Musial a professor and Emmy award-winning multimedia producer who built an educational positive message media company for youths called "Smart Trax" and witness how today it has been acknowledged by the D.E.A. and the Pentagon.

Read how Musial’s life took him down a path he never suspected and how he received awards,
acknowledgments, financial help and notoriety. Walk through his musical life and experience how it was first discovered he had an amazing musical ability; when at the young age of 10 he performed in church as one of the youngest organist around. Also, read how he helped hundreds of musicians and upcoming artists, and how he still does today.

This story is like no other, it takes you on a journey that awakens your hidden passions and shows
you that sometimes your life is really led by something beyond what you could’ve ever imagined. It is
educational, spiritual and inspiring! So, in the very words of David Musial himself the story simply
explains, “Why Me?”
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