VENTURE DATE EVENTs as of June 5, 2017
Founder 1990-2017 MASTER AWARDS COLLECTION: Many related to the Company
Founder 2014 BUFFALO MUSIC HALL OF FAME AWARD Prof David Musial
Founder 1990 BRAMMY AWARD: Nabisco Oreo National TV Commercial (engineered by Musial)
Founder 1994-97 PROFESSOR-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD (4 times)
Founder 1995 ALUMNI-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD & 50th Institute Anniversary Endorsement
Founder 1994-1998 GOLD & PLATINUM RECORDS created in SkyRoom Studio designed by Musial
Founder 2006 9/11 National Memorial Induction for anthem/music video by Prof. Musial
"Brave New American Heroes" National Registry
Founder 2007 Inspired the Student Division of the BOB MOOG FOUNDATION
Founder 2016 ROLI- Seaboard Corporation Endorsement
Founder 2007 MOOG MUSIC Endorsemnet for Brady®
Founder 9-11-01 Brave New American Heroes ANTHEM Composed BEFORE the 2nd Wprld Trade Center Tower Collasped, based on the song "Earthquake" Prof. Musial Composed in 1993 when the World Trade Center was first bombed.
Smart Trax® Institute 10-20-10 UNIQUE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT AWARD United States Department of Justice
Smart Trax® Institute 10/20/00 RED RIBBON RALLY 16,000 in Concert. Musial inspired and composed with MJ Medina the theme song "anthem" We, Are, Drug, ,Free". He then produced the stage music videos and the concert show. IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2
Smart Trax® Institute 10/23/09 PENTAGON: HALL OF HEROES Concert for the U.S. Young Marines
BRADY Cudmore composed the song "IMPACT" with Prof. Musial who also produced it.
Smart Trax® Institute 6/5/09 G.R.E.A.T. Graduation (U.S. Marshal's) Prof. Musial composes the Theme and produced the Music Video
Smart Trax® Institute 1995 UNITED NATIONS: Used the song "Spread Peace All Over The World" produced by Prof. Musial for the 50th Anniversary Grand Fireworks Celebration in Europe. Composed by Pepper/Collin & Stone
Smart Trax® Institute 5/25/12 U.S. AIRCRAFT CARRIER- PROJECT ELEVEN Concert & Promotion to help the U.S. Wounded Warriors: Produced by Prof. Musial. Live SIRIUS XM Natioanl Radio & videos
Smart Trax® Institute 5/20/06 United States Young Marines National Adult Leaders Conference: Prof. Musial Produced the Entertainment with Smart Trax performers and songs.
Smart Trax® Institute 9/11/02 MJ Medina: Premiere Musial's Anthem "Brave New American Heroes"
at a 9/11 Walk-A-Thon
SkyRoom Studio 1994 KODAK OMNIMAX at the LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER Sound Design by Prof. David Musial & Wayne Sharpe, featured in KEYBOARD MAGAZINE
SkyRoom Studio 1992-94 Creation of this award-winning SkyRoom Studio featured in RECORDING MAGAZINE
SkyRoom Studio 1995-2017 The Wacky Chef™ concept conceived & produced by Prof. David Musial
SkyRoom Studio 2014-2017 Bubble Queen™ Music concept conceived & produced by Prof. David Musial
SkyRoom Studio 2013-2017 The King Fish Man™ concept conceived & produced by Prof. David Musial
SkyRoom Studio 1989-2017 QmusiQ™ concept conceived & produced by Prof. David Musial
SkyRoom Studio 2016 Liberty Voice Overs
SkyRoom Studio 1994-2016 11 Animated Feature & Video Game Scores & Sound Tracks
Founder 2016 The Jersey City Music Hall Of Fame: Inspired by Prof. David Musial (in progress)
Smart Trax® Institute
SkyRoom Studio
2014-2015 HONESTLY ABE: Off-Broadway Musical about the college-age life of President Lincoln. Prof. Musial Produced the Original Cast Album in Times Square area studios and the Cast Video Production whrn One World Artist BRADY® Starred as Lincoln.
MusicTech Kids™ 1995-2017 Many Music Videos producd by Prof. Musial and edited at SkyRoom Studio
MusicTech Kids™ 1995-2017 Songs Co-Composed & Produced by Prof. Musial and edited at SkyRoom Studio
NextGen Stars® 2012-2017 Many Music Videos & Documentaries Prof. Musial and edited at SkyRoom Studio
Artist 1995-2005 Manny & Joy "MJ" Medina (discoverd by Prof. Musial at 6 & 8 years in age) Managed until 18. Many additional events up until age 25
Artist 2007-2017 BRADY® Cudmore: Master Collection (hundrens of photos/links) (discovered by Prof. Musial at age 17, still currently managed.)
Artist 5/2017 BRADY®: Co-Stars in a production of the Musical "ROCK OF AGES" and is featured in BROADWAY WORLD
Artist 2/2/09 BRADY®: on ABC TV Buffalo
Artist 5/27/09 BRADY: Jersey City Multi-Cultural Show
Artist 6/3/09 BRADY: Jersey City Academy 1 Middel School
Artist 4/30/09 BRADY: D.A.R.E. Convention Atlantic City
Artist 1/16/09 BRADY: Today Is The Day
Artist 1/20/09 BRADY: Western New York Fans
Artist 1/22/09 BRADY: Hudson Community College Multi-Cultural
Smart Trax® Institute 2002&2003 CAMP HAZE summer camp for children who lost a parent/loved one on 9/11 (FREE SHOWS)
Smart Trax® Institute 8/26/07 The Amazing Lady Liberty Music Video & Story
Smart Trax® Institute 5/24/01

MJ MEDINA: SMART-T Jamboree 11,000 High School Kids for a Positivity Gathering-
NJ Garden State Arts Center

Smart Trax® Institute 4/6/02 MJ MEDINA: LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER - Concerts
Artist 9/22/03 MJ MEDINA: NJ State Puerto Rican Day Parade
Smart Trax® Institute 2009 D.A.R.E. INTERNATIONAL- DISNEY
Smart Trax® Institute 7/31/01 D.A.R.E. NATIONAL- Los Angeles
Smart Trax® Institute 4/17/01 D.A.R.E. State of New Jersey- MJ Medina
Smart Trax® Institute 4/30/09 D.A.R.E. State of New Jersey - BRADY® & Christina Kapushy
Smart Trax® Institute 6/7/01 D.A.R.E. Little Falls, NJ- MJ Medina
Smart Trax® Institute 5/11/01 D.A.R.E. Sparta, NJ- MJ Medina
Smart Trax® Institute 6/11/01 D.A.R.E. Asbury Park, NJ- MJ Medina
Smart Trax® Institute 10/20/01 D.A.R.E. Union County, NJ- MJ Medina
Smart Trax® Institute 8/17/2003 NEWPORT- Jersey City Shows Produced by Prof. Musial with multiple artists
Skate Dance Records 2000-2002 Skate Dance Records in Roller Rinks, Schools and Sports Arenas
Artist 2003 MJ Medina: GO WITH THE FLO NYC Live TV Show
Artist 2003 Manny Medina: Stars in a production of "West Side Story"
Photos by Prof. Musial Prestigious Portraits
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