David Musial,, a.k.a. "Dr D", the CEO of The One World Artists™ Group, has had a love for animation since he was able to turn on a TV! The ever since the first time he passed by the Hanna Barbara studios in the Hollywood are in the early 60's, he has had a passion to create music and sound effects for this "anything can happen" art form Well below is a list that shows that anything can come true if you put your heart an should into it. A great deal of David's artistic philosophy is to extend artistic opportunities to those in which he sees talent. Therefore, in many of the cartoons listed below, you will discover the voice talent of many of many of the "One World Artists™". That's 403 episodes to date!


26 Episodes

Baydog, a story about dogs who are lifeguards at an amazing place called "Dog City Beach". Baydog is directed by Bob Balser, who also directed the Smurfs. David is actually the "Rick", the lead character voice, Tom Boras the Chairman of the Jazz Music department at NYU , is "Kokan" the lead villain. Robert Wohler, executive VP of One World Media plays the role of "Shelly" a sand crab (the only non-dog character in the entire series). Ruth Kramer plays "Jacqueline" the only female lead, (she's extremely pretty), Roger Ansanelli plays 4 roles- "Mayor", "Felty", "Poor Dog", and "Heave-Ho", Angelo Cerrone plays 3 roles-"Carlo", "Stanely" & "Gustav", Gordon Ballad plays "Whippert & Peke". Manny Medina plays "Corky" and Manny & Joy Medina, Nick Tate (of Pokoma) and many additional very talented One World Associates and others, play the extras!
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200 Episodes
This is a series about a wacky Doctor who keeps on trying to help his patients get well but always seems to innocently cause more harm than good. It's loaded with laughs! David created tall of the voices, scored all of the music and supervised the sound design.

David was assisted by Terrain Filmore as SFX editor


52 Episodes

This is a story about a twelve-year old girl who travels all throughout our galaxy on an exotic 3-d, animated journey. When Magica and Gossip, a seagull who use to be a sailor reach these planets, they are challenged by all sorts of cool puzzles. G.G. Media is the voice of "Magica". (Jessica Devlin,a 9 year old girl from Buffalo, NY was originally casted, but is was too difficult for her school schedule to come to NYC every week to record, so G.G. kindly provided her wonderful talent instead.) David Musial plays "Gossip" Manny plays the part of Rapid Mouse, a very clever inhabitant of one of the planets. Roger Ansanelli plays "Ant-Eye" a photographer-detective and John Walker plays "G-Whiz" a Wizzard. David scored the music for the promo. Magica is airing in 1999 in South East Asia and soon to come to other countries!


52 Episodes

The Yokies is about a family of eggs from another planet who were lost in space and ended up on Earth. There's Mama & Papa Yokie,their children-Egstein (12), Egof (8) , Eggie (6), and cousin Evira (12). Every episode explores some type of "scrambled egg" madness as the Yokies learn about the newness of this weird planet called "Earth". David Musial plays both Papa Yokie and Egof, Laryssa plays Mama, Manny Medina is Egstein (a genius!), Joy Medina plays 2 roles, Eggie & Evira. David composed the theme song, David, Manny & Joy Medina, and others sing the following: "We escaped our planet, got lost in space and ended up on Earth. It's different here, it's a stranger pace, then the place of our birth. We're the Yokies, the Yokies, were Eggs prom outer space. We're the Yokies, The Yokies and we're checking out your place. We have a happy Papa Yokie, and a Mama Yokie too, they scrambled us together, and this is what we do... Egof is a rebel, he plays games all day, Evira is our cousin, she has a sassy way, Egie's our baby sister, she's friendly when she's fed and Egstein is a bookworm, he uses his 'egg-head'. We're the Yokies, the Yokies , we're Eggs from outer space. We're the Yokies, The Yokies and we're checking out your place. (c) 1998 One World Media Publishing and SPI Int'l. Students like Michael Chladil, from Stevens Institute of Technology assisted with dialog recording under David, their professor's supervision. Michael Woelfle assisted in the same capacity on some of the early episodes.

52 Episodes
This cartoon features two little "bees" named "Tombik" and "B.B.", who through the use of challenging puzzles, captivate the young audience. Nick Tate (currently on "Pokemon"), created the voices of two humorous robots named "Chataput & Dude as well as many of the extras. Tombik & B.B. is airing in 40 countries already including Russia! David Musial composed the theme song, Manny & Joy, Samantha Quartin and several other One World kids sang this theme.


13 Episodes

This is an adult level cartoon that is like the "Honey Mooner's of the 90's" David composed the theme song and all of the music. He also supervised the sound efx. Students form Stevens' Institute Of Technology assisted with the Sound efx.


5 of 200 Episodes in progress

The Goof Balls consist of a silly Elephant, a wacky Lizard, a mischievous mouse (who loves scaring the Elephant) and a Monster who scares them all! This are 1 minute shorts. David created all of the voices, scored the music and supervised the sound efx which were cut by Michael Chladil from Stevens Institute of Technology.


2 Episodes

There are two cats who love to sing in this series. David composed the songs and created the singing cat voices.

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1 Episode

This is a story about a scientist-inventor who created 8 living toy like creatures who were intended to operate the rides at a major theme park. The evil villain of the show, the mayor of the town, constantly tries to get his hands on his invention machine so that he can use it to create terrible "transformers". (Toys that turn into other things, in this case evil things!" The cartoon was directed by the company who created the new "Batman" cartoon series. David was the sound designer, audio engineer and co-composer of the first episode. One World Media was originally selected to create the entire series but the company acquired funding from China which insisted that all of the creative work continue in China... oh well, it was fun for one!