Manny & Joy Medina
Let's Just Hang
Spanglish Latino-Pop/Dance/HipHop/Ballads
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Let's Just Hang • By MJ Hip Hop          
2 I'll Be Here • By MJ Pop      
3 I Need You Ballad          
4 In Line Boy Dance        
5 Baggy Pants Hip Hop        
6 In My Arms Ballad        
7 Skate Now Dance          
8 Skate Dance™ Dance      
9 Fly Like An Eagle Pop            
10 Trick or Treat Dance        
11 Darth Blader Pop          
12 Subliminal Techno Dance          
13 Video King Pop          
14 In Line Boy (Spanglish) Dance            
15 In My Arms (Spanish) Ballad          
16 Subliminal (Spanglish) Dance            
17 So Alone (Spanglish) Pop          
18 Skate Now (Spanglish) Dance            
19 Journey Pop          
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