One World Artists, LLC is the parent company for The One World Artists Group, which is a multifacited media production company.
It is owned by multimedia entrepreneur David Musial and maintains the following divisions:

1) One World Artists Productions: Audio, Video, Web Desugn and Live Shows
2) SkyRoom Studios-A Styate-Of-The-Art Facility
3) One World Artists Post (Sound for Film & Vidoe Editing)
4) OneWAM Music Publishing (One World Artists Music, Media & Management)
5) Virtual World Music Publishing (for animation scores)
One World Artists Management
7) World Art Records™
8) Skate Dance™ Records
9) Smart Trax® Media
10) NextGen Stars® TV Show

One World Artists has helped to develop and promote a entourage of creative artists since 1978. over 11,000,000 albums have been marketed through this companies assistance, and one earned an Emmy & Silver Cindy Award via MTV!

One World has placed musical artists into several international magazines and a multitude of newspapers. David Musial wasinducted into the BUFFALO MUSIC HALL OF FAME in October 2014! (Many industry greats have also been inducted like his Electronic Music Mentor "Bob Moog", his favorite jazz group "Spyro Gyra", te amazing "Goo Goo Dolls' whointerned at a recording studio Musial free-lanced in, even Tom Calderonethe current President of VH.) Musial hads been featured in a variety of press from the New York Times, Business Week to KEYBOARD Magazine. (See more here.) Musial dewsined Daybreak TV Productions in Buffalo, 3 other personel studios consults for industry pros like "The Beach Boys".professor Musia designed the Bachelor's degree curriculum (and initial studios includimng the Sound Synthesis Research Center in 2005). SkyRoom studios was featured in RECORDING Magazine.

One World created the soundtrack for over 400 episodes of a variety of animated TV shows that are currently aired world wide. David Musial has also created the sound design and co-produced the music for a Sony Playstation CD-ROM titled "Esoteria". One World Artists produced the song "Spread Peace All Over The World", which was used by the United Nations for the 50th anniversary. One World co-produced the closing song for the film SOUTHIE starring Donnie Wahlberg, formally from New Kids On The Block. radio spots and on TV programs for his musical and producing endeavors, including Business Week magazine and the New York Times. One World Artists has also assisted the Manhattan Model Search organizaton in the area of discovering new musical talent. In 2004 one of the songs he produced at SkyRoom, published by OneWam and performed by entertainers under One World Artists Management, took fisrt place at the National Conference for "A Partnership For A Drug Free America". OneWorld Artists Management has sucessfully placed artists from the "Skate Dance" venture in front of over 250,000 people since 2000.

"SkyRoom Studios" is a State-of-The-Art Digital Audio/Video and Synth Paradise! It was designed in 1991/92 by the award winning Professor David Musial, as his proposed Doctoral project in Music Technology at NYU. The unique studio has continuously been updated to be an intense, creative facility… with an amazing view of the NYC Harbor; hence the name "SkyRoom"! This studio has been featured in RECORDING and KEYBOARD magazines for design excellence. Prof. Musial was invited to be the director of the first "Pro School" for Digidesign-ProTools in 1992, he completed this derma studio instead. Prof. Musial was hired by the Stevens Institute Of Technology in 1993, and later designed their Music Technology Bachelors Degree. This curriculum won second place in America in 2012 for the "Most Innovative" program at the industry site. Prof. David Musial went on to inspire the "Student Division" of the "Bob Moog Foundation" in 2007. (Moog Synthesizers). Clients include Turn Up The Music, who distributes the "Drew's Famous Party Music" CDs that can be found in record stores all over the world, (The Halloween album reached the number sixteen position on the Billboard charts in 1997,98 & 99!) David Musial mastered songs here for Lauryn Hill, BackStreet Boys, Dave Matthews Band, Everclear, Tori Amos, and Alanis Morrisette, all on the "Take A Stand" eCD from MTV. Ten cartoon soundtracts for SPI International were made here and dozens of commercial scores. SkyRoom has been featured in a multitude of Music Videos, and over 100 albums have come through these "speakers". More then 10 Cartoon soundtracks, commercial and film scores have been made here, and many music video edit sessions as well. The soundtrack for the "Take A Stand" project was done here by Prof. Musial here, and it earned an Emmy Award for MTV!

FACILITY HIGHLIGHTS: MAC Pro Tower with Solid State Drives, Apogee Symphony/AVID HD192/Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56 A/D interfaces with ProTools 11 HD. (This facility will soon be a 7.1 & 11.2 environment.) Additional features: Neuman, AKG, Sanken, EV mics, Avalon VT737 & Drawmer 1960 PreAmp Compressors, and a Lexicon 300 classic digital reverb. A collection of vintage synths including Minimoog, Polymoog, Emulators, Proteus, Korg-Wavestation & M1, Roland-D70, JD800, Jupiter 6, JX8P, JV1010, JV2080, Groovebox, Yamaha-DX7II, TG77, RY30, m-Audio Venom, Oberheim Matrix 1000, AKAI 88 key, and even a "ROCKMAN" (by rock legend "Tom Shultz" of the mega group "Boston"!)

SOFTWARE HIGHLIGHTS: Ableton Live 9 PUSH, Native Instruments Komplete 10, Reason 8, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX & Omnisphere, Finale, Xpand2, EM-U massive library, UAD Duo card with Lexicon 224 & SSL channel strips, and a multitude of Universal Audio plugins, WAVES C6 and Ultramazimizer, Aphex, Autotune, Melodyne an more.

A Sonic Toyland in the Sky!