Skate Dance™

Skate Dance Album



a Multi-Cultural EXPLOSION

is in the works!

R U Ready?

In April 2003, several artists, discovered through the
"Manhattan Model Search" Music Talent Showcase,
have begun an exciting pop music career venture in New York City
under the direction or production "guru"...
"Dr. D".
This is what's up...

A new artist "music star search" and Skate Dance™/Smart Trax™
album/tour is in HEAVY production!

Skate Dance II Welcomes ...

'Lil Ben Baker

Katya & Masha Bernard

Chelsy Bishop

Bryan Hearne


Francesca Mazza

Melinda Paddock

and soon,

Samuel , Jeremiah, Ariel, Ken, Samantha

Artist Drake, Nick, Justin and more!!!


Music videos for the songs:

Skate Dance II
is in the works with all artists.

Spread Peace All Over The World
(A remix of the 1995 hit used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary)
filmed with One Worled Artists at the United Nations, Rockefellor Center, Central Park,
on a Hudson River Ferry and in Newport in front of the
#1 radio station in the WORLD!

Blade To The Beat
Featuring Francesca Mazza
filmed with Manny & Joy Medina & Danilo Sobers

It was shot in Central Park & Rockerfellor Center as well as in Newport

He Took A Gun
(to school, such a fool!)
Featuring Bryan Hearne
and the Smart Trax Camp

Life's A Rush
Featuring Francesca Mazza

filmed with Manny & Joy Medina
& Danilo Sobers
Shot all over New York City!

Dan Drabik
is now writing the eBook
about Skate Dance II and Smart Trax!

30,000 kids on one tour alone are now doing the "Skate Dance",
over 180,000 people to date!
Medina's have decided to be the first artists from the new album to begin the tour.
The Skate Dance comic strip is in production
and a cartoon series is being "pitched"
as well as a video game!!!!

Skate Dance Artists perform for Children who lost a relative on September 11.

MJ have started a new live TV show in New York City
where hey play music videos from Skate Dance!
and what they have done is amazing!
Some Skate Dance Concert reviews
MJ Medina performed "Skate Dance" for 12,000 kids at the SMART-T Jam!

MJ Medina/Skate Dance Tour

MJ Medina perform the Skate Dance at many "D.A.R.E." related functions

MJ Medina met Jay Dilkens, Tristan Louis
and many of the interesting people from
"Wednesday Night Skate
"the "Largest group skate in Manhattan"

Check them out at

Skate Dance CD's have enjoyed great sales at Tower Records in NYC.

Skate Dance is now in the amazing "Music Republic"system!
(Check out")