Manny & Joy Medina (a.k.a. "MJ Medina) have enjoyed phenominal success from the Skate Dance Visitation I venture. They are completing their 2nd Solo CD, they have had over 100,000 people in concert, they have been are a multitude of live TV and Radio shows, they have performed for D.A.R.E. America, they have starred in productions of Broadway Shows, MJ have also starred as cartoon characters and MJ are currently touring with "Manhattan Model Search" as well as with Skate Dance records. MJ will have a song on Skate Dance Visitation II and now MJ even have their own live TV show daily in prime time in New York City! Check out MJ's site! and their New Look.
Santiago Douglas has ventured into the world of motion pictures and has become the movie stars of the films "Girl Fight" and "Punto 45". He has also appeared on episodes of "Murder She Wrote" and the "Sopranos". Currently he is based in Hollywood. He has worked with MJ Medina on their new album and has also performed with them in the NYC area. Check out Santiago's his site!.
Deanna Nicolosi's song "Just Once" produced by David "Dr. D" Musial was aired on the radio in New York City and she was interviewed as well. The audience loved it! Deanna was offered an R&B music management opportunity and is developing her career in that direction.
Juiliano DeRossi has travelled to approximately 25 countries sine he recorded Skate Dance and has ventured into the world or professional modelling and acting. He has appeared on many TV commercials and is currently the "Nokia" cell phone poster person! Juiliano is from Rio DeJaniero and has been a political spoksperson in Brazil and has even marched in the world famous "Carnaval". is working on a solo album between London and NYC.

Henry Farnam is based in Beverly Hills and recently recorded an incredible solo album. He is currently on tour of the Hollywood, Los Angeles area. Henry is an amazing star on the rise and to understand the full scope, check out Henry's site!

Roger Ansanelli has begun to record his solo album but also has enterd the world of motion pictures and TV. Roger recently starred in a film shot in Philadelphia and has appeared several times on the famous TV show, Saturday Night Live!

Angelo Cerrone recorded a contempory Christian albulm and has been invited to sing at an unmeasurable amount of weddings in the NYC area. He even had the incredible honor to sing Frank Sinatra's most famous song "My Way" at Frank Sinatra's public memorial service which was broadcast live worldwide on Television. Angelo was also invited to appear on "Good Morning America"! Check out Angelo's CD.

Biddy "Q" Valdez has become an amazing HipHop-R&B producer. He assisted Dr. D in producing a track on the Emmy Award Winning "Take A Stand" CD from MTV! Q also helped with the song "We, Are, Drug, Free!" featuring "Medina" and it has been performed for over 100,000 people already and the video airs on a music video station in NYC. It has also been aired on a multitude of TV news shows. Biddy "Q" is currently on tour with Manhattan Model Search as themain event DJ!
Darlene Edwards continues to perform incredible R&B and Gospel shows. She recently performed a full concert with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra! Her solo album is also in the works!
Terrain "EXCEL" Filmore has decided to focus on HipHop and is currently developing his demo with Dr. D, Biddy "Q" and Octavious. Terrain is an awesome dancer and has appeared in numerous Medina concerts for apx 50,000 people. In May 2002, he premiered his track "Streets" (about gang violence" at the Smart-T-Jamboree for apx 11,000 people! Go Excel!
Asim Robinson is performing his HipHop magic in the New York City area. He has also ventured into the recording engineering and producing field.
Orion ventured into the NYC club scene and has also recorded new material. He is an amazing dancer and entertainer.
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